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Hypercharge is a technology innovation company hyper-focused on moving people, and the planet, in the right direction. We deliver a complete EV charging solution through robust hardware, intuitive software, and expert services.

Charging Forward Together

At Hypercharge, we specialize in smart electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, offering turnkey technology to residential and commercial buildings, fleet operators, and other rapidly growing sectors.

Our mission is to accelerate EV adoption and enable the shift towards a carbon-neutral economy. We achieve this through seamless, simple charging solutions backed by industry-leading equipment and a robust network of public and private charging stations.

But we don’t do it alone. Progress at Hypercharge is a collective endeavour, deeply rooted in collaboration between our property partners, channel partners, and our dedicated team. Together, we look to shape a sustainable future for all through a shared vision for the future of transportation.

Through teamwork and innovation, we’re more than a leading provider of EV charging solutions; we’re a driving force for change.

Hypercharge’s Turnkey EV Charging Solutions
Hypercharge Proudly Serves


Hypercharge equips businesses with turnkey EV charging solutions, streamlining the transition to sustainable transportation for customers, guests, and employees alike.

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Hypercharge provides multifamily residential buildings with reliable, easy-to-use charging stations, making electric vehicle ownership more accessible for tenants.

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Channel Partners

Through our Preferred Partner program, Hypercharge empowers channel partners with the tools and support they need to successfully expand the reach of our EV charging solutions.

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EV Drivers

Hypercharge offers EV drivers a seamless charging experience through a robust network of public and private stations, simplifying the journey toward a carbon-neutral future.

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Experienced Leadership Expanding for Growth

David Bibby

President and CEO

David is a seasoned executive with 25+ years experience building and scaling technology businesses across several industries. Most recently he was a founder of Finning Digital and the Head of Global Digital Services at the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, Finning International.

Navraj Dosanjh

Chief Financial Officer

Navraj is a highly experienced financial executive with over 15 years experience in M&A, expansion strategy, and developing finance functions. He is also a dedicated volunteer with CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy Program with a passion for education at the grassroots level.

Chris Koch

Head of Growth & Partnerships

Chris brings over 15 years of senior sales leadership to Hypercharge. Working in early-stage and high-growth businesses like 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Hootsuite, and Vidyard, Chris has recruited and led high performance sales teams, delivering maximum value to clients and to the business.

Rob Boyko

Head of Product & Operations

Rob brings more than 25 years of systems product development and product management, including inventing and leading commercialization of the precursor to the Blackberry Enterprise Server and the prototype for Daimler AG which evolved into the car2go car sharing in-vehicle standard.

Hypercharge Networks Corp.

Discover how Hypercharge is supporting the adoption of electric vehicles across North America.