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Answering Residents’ Questions About EV Charging in Apartments and Condos

June 26, 2024

As electric vehicles become more popular, many residents in apartments and condos are considering the benefits of having EV charging stations in their buildings.

However, misconceptions and concerns about the safety, cost, and logistics of EV charging often arise.

At Hypercharge, we believe that providing clear and accurate information can help alleviate these concerns and support the transition to a more sustainable future.

In this blog post, we will address some of the most common questions and concerns about EV charging in multi-residential buildings. From the best installation locations to the safety of charging stations, we’ve got you covered.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive FAQ designed to help residents understand how EV charging works and the measures in place to ensure a safe and efficient experience.


Hypercharge EV Charging for Apartments/Condos: Safety & Usage FAQ
Where is the best place to install EV charging stations?

Both indoor and outdoor placements are viable options.

Covered or underground installations are generally preferred as the chargers are protected from weather damage, ensure security, and make it easier for residents to charge their vehicles conveniently.

If covered or underground options are not available, outdoor installations can work just as well.

Are EV charging stations safe in underground parking garages?
Yes, EV charging stations are safe in underground parking garages.

Hypercharge coordinates professional installation of all charging stations with qualified and certified electricians.

Hypercharge only offers modern, networked chargers which are designed with multiple safety features to prevent fire hazards.

They undergo rigorous testing to meet international safety standards, including those in both Canada and the United States.

Do I have to pay to use EV chargers?
Whether the station is free or paid is determined by the station owner, which is usually your management company, strata, condo board, or building owner.

You can see which stations are free or paid in the Hypercharge app.

How do I pay to use EV chargers?

When a charging station requires payment for use, Hypercharge’s EV chargers are activated and paid for using an account and wallet system.

To get started, download the Hypercharge mobile app, register for an account, top up your in-app wallet using a credit card, and you’re ready to start charging.

Charging fees are deducted from your wallet balance when using a paid charger and the Hypercharge mobile app provides a detailed record of each charging session, ensuring transparent and fair billing.

Are there fire hazards associated with EV charging?

The risk of fire from Hypercharge EV charging stations is very low.

Every Hypercharge EV charging station has built-in safety mechanisms that are designed to prevent overcharging and overheating.

Can anyone use my designated EV charger?
No, when a charger is designated for your use only, it can only be activated by you, either via activation in the Hypercharge mobile app or with your assigned RFID card.

This prevents unauthorized use and ensures fair billing.

Will installing EV chargers increase my rent?
We recommend asking your landlord, property management company, or condo board about how the costs of installing and maintaining EV chargers will be managed and whether any additional fees or rent adjustments are anticipated.

They can provide specific details based on your building’s policies and funding options.

Are EV chargers available for e-bikes and mobility scooters?
Hypercharge’s EV charging stations for apartments/condos are compatible with any electric vehicle that use the J1772 port.

If your e-bike or mobility scooter can accept Level 2 EV charging from a J1772 port, it can usually be charged using Hypercharge stations.

We recommend confirming with your e-bike or mobility scooter manufacturer before starting a charging session.

How do networked EV charging stations work?
Hypercharge’s EV charging stations are connected to the Hypercharge Network, a central system that manages usage and billing.

When a vehicle is plugged in, the network communicates with the charger to start the session, monitor the charging process, and optimize the energy flow to ensure efficient and safe charging.

The network also allows for remote diagnostics and maintenance to keep the chargers functioning smoothly.

What if I still have concerns about EV charging?

It’s understandable to have concerns. Hypercharge offers dedicated 24/7 support for residents through toll-free phone, live chat, or email.

Our team is always ready to assist with any questions or issues you may have. For more information, please visit Hypercharge Support.