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EV Charging Success: Safe Software

January 3, 2024

When eco-conscience employer Safe Software decided to level up its sustainability initiatives with new electric vehicle chargers, one EV charging company stood out from the rest.

The Backstory

Safe Software is based in Surrey, British Columbia, where employees enjoy mountain vistas, nearby forest trails, and beaches. Its respect for the environment is reflected in the company’s headquarters: a Certified LEED Gold Building with a 6,000 square-foot green roof, easy access to public transportation, and bike lockers for employees. The company also installed five electric vehicle charging stations when the building was under construction.

“We recognized the importance of the adoption of electric vehicles,” says Bonnie Alexander, Vice-President of Human Resources and Facility Operations. “We wanted to have eco-friendly modes of transportation supported through our organization, so we offered that up to our staff, free of charge.”

By 2023, Safe Software was ready to level up its sustainability commitment by replacing the original five chargers and adding ten more. “Our partnership with Hypercharge began with research into all the various providers,” says Clint Wood, Facilities Manager and Systems Engineer. “Hypercharge stood out. Our experience has been that they are a reliable company with advanced technologies and excellent customer service.”

“Customer service and getting things done quickly seems like the norm for Hypercharge.”

Clint Wood, Facilities Manager and Systems Engineer

A Perfect Fit

Safe Software’s existing electrical infrastructure and company-owned parking stalls near the building entrance offered a natural choice for the location of the new chargers.

The selection of Hypercharge EVC10 Level 2 chargers was made with the support of the project’s electrician, who examined the charging speed options and their power requirements.

The company was also in the market for the user-friendly experience and secure sign-in offered by Hypercharge’s charging station interface and mobile app.

“Hypercharge ticked these boxes,” Wood says. “We like the fact that there’s phone connectivity, so you can start your charging session from it. We got the RFID cards, as well, which means the people who don’t have the best cell reception can tap their card on the charger and it registers.”

Working With Hypercharge

Once the necessary permits were in place, Hypercharge worked with its Preferred Partners on the site installation, a process that took about two months to complete.

The biggest consideration during this time was load balancing the existing power without taking any further draw from the building.

“Hypercharge was prompt in their customer service,” Wood says. “They were able to remotely correct the load-sharing balance of the chargers – It was really impressive.”

“EV charging is an environmental initiative we’re proud to take part in and recommend to anyone that is able to do the same.”

Bonnie Alexander, Vice-President of Human Resources and Facility Operations

Employee Reception

“Overwhelmingly positive” is how Bonnie Alexander describes the staff response to the new chargers, which allow employees to hit the road with the reassurance of a full charge.

“As a company in the tech industry, we aim to be on the forefront of all technological advancements. With electric vehicles, offering the free to use chargers in our building made sense for our staff, and supported them in their adoption of electric vehicles”.

Clint Wood was one of those employees. “It was an incentive for me to personally purchase an economical EV-style vehicle,” he says. “Now, more people have the ability to connect and charge their vehicles. I think that’s been great for us as a business and for the employees working here.”

EV Charging for Workplaces

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