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Breaking Down Barriers: How EV Roaming Supports Clean Transportation

March 1, 2023

Hypercharge is excited to share that we have announced our first ever Electric Vehicle (EV) roaming agreement with Hydro-Québec’s Electric Circuit, one of North America’s most established public charging networks. EV roaming agreements are an essential part of the future of clean transportation. It’s crucial for drivers to have easy and uninterrupted access to charging stations to eliminate any range anxiety in the transition to electric vehicles. In this post, we’ll delve deeper into what EV roaming is and how it can support the shift towards electrified transportation.


What is EV Roaming?

EV roaming is an agreement between charging networks (like Hypercharge) that enables drivers of electric vehicles to charge their vehicles at other networks’ chargers while remaining within the ecosystem of their preferred network. For example, our first roaming agreement is with Electric Circuit, which means users of Hypercharge’s mobile app can now start charging at Electric Circuit’s chargers without having to register with Electric Circuit, and vice versa.


Why is EV Roaming important for the future of electrified transportation?

As the number of EVs on the road increases, the need for a comprehensive charging network becomes more pressing. Without roaming agreements, EV drivers would be limited to using charging stations within their network, which may not be convenient or accessible. Roaming agreements increase the number of charging stations available to drivers, making it easier for them to travel long distances.


What are the benefits of EV Roaming?

One of the most significant benefits of EV roaming for drivers is increased flexibility and convenience. With EV roaming, drivers can charge their vehicles at any compatible charging station that your preferred network or app has an agreement with. This means that drivers no longer need to worry about the location or availability of just one network’s charging stations, which can reduce range anxiety and increase the appeal of EV ownership.

EV roaming agreements eliminate the need for separate apps or memberships for each charging network. Roaming agreements enable drivers to use a single app and payment method to access charging stations from different networks, making it easier to manage and track their charging sessions. This can save drivers time and hassle, as they no longer need to navigate multiple apps and payment systems to charge their vehicles.



As the electrification of vehicles continues to grow at a rapid pace, the importance of EV roaming agreements cannot be overstated. These agreements supply crucial infrastructure to EV drivers, enabling them to travel long distances while reducing range anxiety. They also promote standardization and convenience, making it easier for drivers to adopt EVs as their primary mode of transportation.


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