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How EV Charging Works for Your Business Now—and into the Future

July 15, 2022

The data is clear: the number of electric vehicles on the road is growing exponentially. In British Columbia, which has the highest EV ownership rate in North America, EVs jumped from 1% of new light-duty vehicle sales in 2016 to 13% in 2021, and to 17% in the first quarter of 2022. A Clean Energy Canada poll found that nearly 80% of Canadians are open to making their next vehicle purchase an EV. A recent international poll showed that 52% of respondents across eighteen countries are ready to go electric with their next purchase.

The growing demand for EV charging is outpacing the supply of charging stations, creating a gap in the required infrastructure—and a huge opportunity for businesses. Here we sum up the key advantages of partnering with Hypercharge today to get your business ready for an electrified future.

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The Competitive Edge

Businesses have much to gain from investing in EV charging, including increased revenue from attracting and retaining customers, residents, and employees, as well new channels for marketing and brand-building. To fully reap the benefits, opt in while EV charging is a highly coveted, value-added service that makes your business stand out from the competition. As EV ownership and charging options spread, and consumers establish behaviour patterns, late adopters will lose the competitive edge.


Scalable Infrastructure

Hypercharge advocates a big-picture approach to electrical infrastructure. For example, by oversizing the main electrical conduit that supplies power to chargers, your business can keep costs down when you add or level-up charging stations over time. We’ll conduct a detailed location assessment, work closely with you to create an expandable site design, and advise on the best charging solutions for your current capabilities and budget.


Future-Proofed Technology

Reliable and durable, all Hypercharge stations are OCPP-compliant, which means you can connect them to any open network or software, preventing vendor lock-in in case you need to make a change down the road. Our secure and intuitive station operating software collects data on charger usage, such as the time and duration of charging, which can assist with power management and inform plans for later expansion.


Adaptable Ownership Models

Are you ready to go all-in with EV charging or do you prefer to test the waters first? Through a Direct Purchase, with management included, you take full control of your charging operation and the revenue it generates. Our leasing option reduces the upfront cost of equipment, but you still keep the revenue. With Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS), you can minimize your initial investment through our subscription service. When you’re ready to move on to the next phase of your charging plan, we’ll guide you through the options that best suit your needs and business goals.


Expertise With Incentives

Governments at all levels have announced ambitious targets for EV adoption and incentives to ensure they are achieved. For example, the Canadian government’s Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program provides funding for the installation of chargers in public spaces, apartment and condominium buildings, workplaces, and fleet locations. In Quebec, apartment and condo buildings can apply for financial assistance to acquire charging stations for their residents’ use. In the Greater Toronto Area, rebates are available to support the installation of up to twenty charging stations across one or multiple locations.

With so much assistance for start-up costs, investing in EV charging will never be more affordable—but these incentives won’t be around forever. Norway, for example, which boasts the highest EV adoption rate in the world, has signalled that it will soon roll back its incentives for EV purchases now that there is widespread adoption. Hypercharge has the expertise to help you find and apply for the rebates, grants, and tax credits in your area that will reduce your capital outlay.


Hypercharge is your forward-thinking partner for present and future charging solutions.