Preferred Partner Success: Precise ParkLink

Precise ParkLink has always prided itself on being a forward-looking parking solutions provider that facilitates exceptional customer experiences. Now, a new partnership with Hypercharge is making EV charging one less thing to worry about when visiting a hospital.

The Backstory

Precise ParkLink has been a parking and mobility industry leader for more than thirty years, currently managing over half a million parking stalls across Canada. In 2023, the company announced that over 1000 clients now have the opportunity to invest in electric vehicle charging through its ambitious new partnership with Hypercharge. “We understand that the parking world is changing as vehicles change,” says Melissa Tucci, Client Relations Manager at ParkLink. “EV chargers are an integral part of staying up to date.”

The partnership’s inaugural project took place at Trillium Health Partners’ Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario—the first of three upgrades to Trillium Hospital parking facilities using Hypercharge hardware and software. “A lot of healthcare clients are coming to us and saying, ‘We need to install EV chargers,’” Tucci says. “’We need to move with the times and make sure that we’re servicing not only our staff, but our visitors as well.’

In October 2023, Credit Valley Hospital went live with six dual-port chargers that can service up to twelve vehicles and are available to both staff and visitors in a covered garage. “Having the dual port chargers, you’re maximizing your potential,” says Tucci. “You have one charger that services two parking spots, so that’s always a plus for us.” 


”Our team had nothing but good things to say about Hypercharge.”

Melissa Tucci, Client Relations Manager

Choosing the site

When selecting a location for EV chargers, Precise ParkLink prioritizes prime parking spots in high-traffic areas, such as the first level of a garage or parkade or a point near the entry of a surface lot. Accessibility and charger visibility are also considerations. “We want to make sure that people know that the chargers are there,” says Tucci. “Somebody who’s going to a hospital, for example, might not go all the way to the fifth floor to try and find an EV charger.”

The potential for future expansion is another significant factor in choosing the perfect location. The physical space must be large enough to accommodate more chargers and electrical infrastructure needs to support additional charging capacity down the road. “We have to be able to grow with demand,” says Tucci. “We always have that in mind when we plan things out, so we’ll be able to scale them accordingly.”

“Because of how well this first project went, we’re definitely going to be rolling out future projects with Hypercharge.”

Melissa Tucci, Client Relations Manager

Working with Hypercharge

Precise ParkLink clients have access to the company’s construction division and a full electrical division that offers reliable electrical infrastructure for EV charging. In this instance, Precise ParkLink worked closely with the hospital’s preferred vendor to execute the system design and ensure the electrical conduit and cabling were run according to the necessary specifications. Once the infrastructure was in place, it was time to collaborate with Hypercharge on the installation and commissioning of the chargers, which took less than two days. “Everything went smoothly, and everybody was really responsive and helpful,” Tucci recalls. “Our client at Trillium reached out to Hypercharge’s customer service and had really nice things to say about the team, as well.”

The new infrastructure supports the Hypercharge EVC10 Level 2 EV chargers, offering a driving range of up to 40-50 km per hour of charging. “We always want to make sure that, if our clients decide they want to charge for a spot, people aren’t getting dinged a lot of money because the charger can only charge at a limited amount of speed,” Tucci says.

A Seamless User Experience

Every aspect of the user experience was of prime importance—from an intuitive charger interface to ready access to support when needed. An intercom button allows drivers to receive assistance through a centralized monitoring station, and drivers can use the Parkedin™ app to pay for both parking and their charging session. The integration, set to launch in early 2024, became achievable thanks to Eevion™️ a recently-launched cloud-based platform by Hypercharge. This platform seamlessly incorporates the Hypercharge EV charging network into any application, platform,

or system. This core commitment to ever-improving customer experience is shared by ParkLink and Hypercharge. “We have a similar mindset,” Tucci says. “Both organizations see that technology is advancing and we have to advance with it. That’s important and that’s what we’re striving for.”

The Hypercharge Preferred Partner program can empower your business in offering EV Charging Solutions to your new and existing customers to support the electrification of transportation.