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Business EV Charging

Your customers are looking to charge. In between home and work, your business provides the perfect opportunity for charging on the go.

Business EV Charging Industries

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can incorporating Hypercharge stations add value to my business?

Adding Hypercharge EV charging not only elevates your company’s commitment to sustainability but also attracts a growing segment of EV users, increasing foot traffic and customer dwell time at your premises. It’s an investment in your business’s future, aligning with modern consumer expectations and preferences.

What makes Hypercharge a top choice for B2B EV charging solutions?

Hypercharge offers reliable, fast, and user-friendly EV charging solutions, perfectly designed to meet the dynamic needs of businesses across North America. Your business becomes a convenient charging hub with Hypercharge.

Are Hypercharge stations compatible with all electric vehicles?

Yes, our charging stations are universal, designed to accommodate every electric vehicles currently on the market. 

Can Hypercharge stations integrate with existing business systems?

Absolutely – with Eevion Integrated Charging, we can seamlessly integrate our EV charging solutions into any existing business systems to offer smart, connected, and efficient charging facilities.

How does Hypercharge support businesses in installation and maintenance?

We provide comprehensive support from site assessment to installation, followed by ongoing maintenance and 24/7 customer service.