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Your electric fleet needs the strongest possible infrastructure. With Hypercharge, you’ll experience a flexible and personalized solution for EV charging for fleets that’s built to scale as you do.

Empowering Your Transition

Operating an electric vehicle fleet is about more than just lowering emissions; it’s about optimizing operational costs, improving vehicle uptime, and enhancing driver satisfaction. Hypercharge provides an end-to-end solution for EV charging for fleets designed for the complexities and demands of modern fleet management. Our fully integrated hardware and software make EV charging convenient, fast, and cost-effective.

By partnering with Hypercharge, you’re not just making an environmental statement—you’re realizing tangible benefits that directly affect your bottom line. Unlock efficiency gains, lower maintenance costs, and improve your organization’s CSR profile, all while preparing your fleet for a greener future.

Operational Efficiency

Switching to an electric fleet can provide substantial long-term cost savings, primarily due to lower fuel and maintenance expenses. The initial investment is easily offset by the ongoing operational advantages.

Environmental Stewardship

The adoption of electric vehicles in fleet management reduces carbon emissions and air pollution, thereby enhancing corporate social responsibility profiles and aligning with global sustainability goals.

Fostering Future-Ready Fleets

Modern EV charging solutions offer scalable and modular approaches. You will be able to easily adapt to evolving fleet sizes and varied vehicle requirements as you plan for growth and adapt to technological advancements.

Featured Charging Solutions for Fleets

Hypercharge EVC10

Dependable. Flexible. Effective. The Hypercharge EVC10 EV Charger comfortably adapts to serve every Business or Apartment & Condo building.

  • Up to 11.5kW output at 48 amps
  • Wall or Pedestal Mountable
  • 4.3” LCD Screen

Autel MaxiCharger DC

High Performing. Stylish. Versatile. Autel's MaxiCharger DC lineup delivers cutting-edge charging tailored for businesses and urban spaces.

  • Up to 640kW output
  • Advanced Technology and Design
  • Flexible Model Lineup

Eevion™ Integrated Charging

Eevion™ is a middleware platform that integrates the Hypercharge EV Charging Network into any app, platform, or system.

  • Simplified User Experience
  • New Value & Increase Revenue
  • Streamlined Reconciliation & Analytics

Project Design & Installation

Navigate the road to EV charging success with Hypercharge’s comprehensive Project Design & Installation services, tailored to bring your vision to life while ensuring operational excellence.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How do Hypercharge solutions adapt to the specific needs of fleet operations?
    Hypercharge solutions are designed to be highly customizable to meet the unique demands of fleet management. From scalable hardware options to intelligent software that can integrate with existing fleet systems, our offerings make the transition to electric mobility as smooth as possible while optimizing operational efficiency.
    Can Hypercharge EV charging solutions enhance the overall sustainability of my fleet?
    Absolutely, Hypercharge’s EV charging for fleets can contribute significantly to your business’s sustainability initiatives. By making charging convenient and efficient, our solutions encourage the long-term adoption of electric vehicles, thereby helping to reduce your overall carbon footprint and align with global sustainability goals.
    What economic benefits can fleets expect from installing Hypercharge stations?
    Adopting Hypercharge’s advanced EV charging solutions can yield significant long-term economic benefits. These include reduced fuel and maintenance costs, potential eligibility for sustainability grants and tax incentives, and an enhanced corporate image that can attract eco-conscious clients and partners.
    What level of maintenance and operational support does Hypercharge offer for fleet managers?
    Hypercharge offers comprehensive maintenance and operational support that includes regular system checks, firmware updates, and 24/7 customer service. Our cloud-based monitoring allows for proactive issue identification and resolution, ensuring minimal downtime and a reliable charging experience for your fleet.
    Are there specialized funding options available for fleets looking to transition to Hypercharge's EV solutions?
    Fleets can explore a variety of funding options such as Federal and State/Provincial grants, industry-specific incentives, and even lease-to-own arrangements to ease the financial transition to EV charging infrastructure. Hypercharge can assist in identifying these funding opportunities and guide you through the application process to secure the necessary resources.

    EV Charging for Fleets

    Discover how Hypercharge EV Charging can optimize energy consumption and streamline operations for your fleet.