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As your guests seek the comfort and amenities your establishment provides, extend your hospitality to their vehicles.

Elevating Guest Experience

Your guests are increasingly arriving in electric vehicles and they seek the comfort and convenience of on-site EV charging. By offering reliable solutions for EV charging for hotels & hospitality, your establishment not only fulfills this growing demand but also solidifies its reputation as a brand committed to sustainability and forward-thinking amenities.

Hypercharge’s easy-to-use and efficient charging stations make it simple for your guests to recharge their vehicles while enjoying their stay, seamlessly blending into the high-quality service you already provide.

Elevating Guest Convenience

Providing on-site EV charging elevates the guest experience, adding an extra layer of convenience and making your establishment the go-to choice for eco-conscious travelers.

Enhancing Brand Image

Integrating Hypercharge’s advanced EV charging solutions not only meets a growing customer demand but also positions your hospitality brand as a leader in sustainability and innovation.

Increasing Revenue Streams

Offering EV charging can open up new revenue streams, either through pay-per-use charging or as a premium amenity, while also encouraging longer guest stays and higher customer loyalty.

Featured Charging Solutions for Hospitality & Hotels

Autel MaxiCharger AC Ultra

Definitive. Powerful. Visible. Bring excellence to your Business with the high impact Autel MaxiCharger AC Ultra.

  • Up to 2 x 19.2kW output at 80 amps
  • High-Definition Advertising Display
  • Seamless One-Piece Construction

ABB Terra Series

Responsive. Powerful. Dependable. The ABB Terra Series stands as a beacon of rapid charging infrastructure for any business.

  • Up to 350kW output
  • Proven Solution 
  • Buy America Compliant

Eevion™ Integrated Charging

Eevion™ is a middleware platform that integrates the Hypercharge EV Charging Network into any app, platform, or system.

  • Simplified User Experience
  • New Value & Increase Revenue
  • Streamlined Reconciliation & Analytics

Flexible Ownership Options

Every business is unique which is why we are proud to offer three flexible ownership options designed to meet each property’s specific needs. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How can Hypercharge EV charging solutions enhance the guest experience at our hotel?

    Hypercharge’s EV charging stations offer a premium, convenient service that your guests will greatly appreciate. Providing this amenity caters to a growing segment of eco-conscious travelers, making your hotel more attractive and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

    What economic advantages can our hotel gain from installing Hypercharge EV charging stations?

    Introducing Hypercharge EV charging stations can offer new revenue streams, either through a pay-per-use model or by including the service as a premium amenity. Additionally, it increases the dwell time of guests at your property, encouraging more spending on other services you offer.

    What kind of maintenance and support does Hypercharge provide to ensure our charging stations are always operational?

    Hypercharge offers comprehensive maintenance and support packages, including 24/7 customer service and remote monitoring capabilities. These services ensure that your EV charging stations are always operational, providing a seamless and efficient experience for your guests.

    Are there any special funding or incentive programs available for hotels looking to install Hypercharge EV charging stations?

    Many regions offer various incentives, grants, or rebates for hospitality businesses looking to install EV charging stations. Hypercharge can assist in identifying these funding sources and navigating the application process, thereby making it easier for you to secure the necessary resources for installation.

    Can Hypercharge's EV charging stations integrate with our hotel's existing facilities and technology?

    Absolutely, Hypercharge’s EV charging solutions are designed for easy integration with your hotel’s existing infrastructure and can even interface with your property management system. This allows for a streamlined guest experience, from booking to checkout, that includes EV charging as a seamless part of their stay.

    EV Charging for Hospitality & Hotels

    Discover how Hypercharge EV Charging can elevate the guest experience and add a premium touch to your business.