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Indigenous Communities

With a focus on tangible benefits like infrastructure development and economic growth, incorporating EV charging stations is a strategic choice for Indigenous communities. 

Bridging Tradition and Innovation

As adoption of renewable energy solutions accelerates, so too does the need for reliable options for EV charging for Indigenous communities.

With Hypercharge as a committed partner, Indigenous communities can lay the groundwork for a future that blends tradition with modernity, all while nurturing a sustainable relationship with their local environment.

Economic Advantages

Incorporating EV charging infrastructure not only provides an additional revenue stream but also attracts partnerships and investments, strengthening the local economy.

Infrastructure Modernization

Hypercharge’s reliable and user-friendly EV charging solutions offer an upgrade to community infrastructure, enhancing the overall quality of life and setting the stage for future technological developments.

Community Convenience

The inclusion of EV charging stations provides a practical amenity for residents and visitors alike, streamlining transportation and enhancing the overall convenience of community living.

Featured Charging Solutions for Indigenous Communities

Hypercharge EVC10

Dependable. Flexible. Effective. The Hypercharge EVC10 EV Charger comfortably adapts to serve every Business or Apartment & Condo building.

  • Up to 11.5kW output at 48 amps
  • Wall or Pedestal Mountable
  • 4.3” LCD Screen


Reliable. Adaptive. Dynamic. Kempower’s DC Fast Charging Stations effortlessly meet the demands of modern businesses and urban developments.

  • Up to 600kW output
  • Robust Construction
  • Scalable and Modular

Quantev™ Operations Suite

Quantev™ is an advanced analytics and control platform suite designed to empower your network of Hypercharge EV Charging Stations.

  • Customized User Management
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Project Design & Installation

Navigate the road to EV charging success with Hypercharge’s comprehensive Project Design & Installation services, tailored to bring your vision to life while ensuring operational excellence.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How does Hypercharge make EV charging accessible for Indigenous communities?
    Hypercharge’s solutions are scalable and customizable to meet the unique needs of Indigenous communities. Our focus is on providing reliable, convenient, and user-friendly charging options that serve community members and visitors, allowing ease of access and flexible structures.
    How can Hypercharge contribute to the economic development of Indigenous communities?
    Introducing EV charging stations can increase visitor numbers and potentially attract businesses, providing new opportunities for economic growth within Indigenous communities. Our solutions come with multiple payment and membership options, opening up additional revenue streams for community projects and increasing dwell time at Indigenous businesses.
    What kind of support can Hypercharge offer for the ongoing management of these EV charging stations?

    We provide a comprehensive package of support services, from initial installation to regular maintenance checks, as well as 24/7 customer service. Our proactive remote monitoring minimizes downtime and provides a reliable charging experience.

    Can Hypercharge charging stations be installed into existing community facilities?

    Yes, our EV charging solutions are designed for easy installation with current infrastructure like community centers or existing parking areas, ensuring a seamless and practical addition to community resources.

    What are the options for Indigenous communities to fund Hypercharge EV charging stations?

    Various funding sources are available that can assist in the installation of EV charging stations, such as federal grants, private-sector partnerships, or community investments. Hypercharge can guide you through these options, making it simpler to secure the resources needed for installation.

    EV Charging for Indigenous Communities

    Discover how Hypercharge EV Charging can empower sustainable development in Indigenous communities.