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As your employees and visitors engage with the forward-thinking culture of your workplace, provide them the convenience and utility of EV charging.

Drive Innovation, Empower Workplaces

In a rapidly evolving business landscape where agility and forward-thinking are key, providing EV charging solutions is more than a sustainability initiative—it’s a strategic imperative.

With Hypercharge, you’re preparing your organization for a future dominated by electric vehicles, while also offering a vital service that reflects modern-day needs.

Adopting our cutting-edge EV charging for workplaces sends a clear message: your workplace is not just reacting to change, but leading it.

Employee Satisfaction

Offering convenient EV charging stations at the workplace can boost employee morale and satisfaction, showcasing the company’s commitment to sustainability and employee well-being.

Corporate Responsibility

Integrating EV charging solutions within your workplace can serve as a key element in your company’s sustainability initiatives, reducing your overall carbon footprint and strengthening your reputation as a socially responsible employer.

Future-Proofing the Workplace

Installing EV charging stations makes a clear statement about your organization’s forward-thinking approach to technology and sustainability, positioning you as a leader in adopting meaningful changes for the future.

Featured Charging Solutions for Workplaces

Hypercharge EVC10

Dependable. Flexible. Effective. The Hypercharge EVC10 EV Charger comfortably adapts to serve every Business or Apartment & Condo building.

  • Up to 11.5kW output at 48 amps
  • Wall or Pedestal Mountable
  • 4.3” LCD Screen

Autel MaxiCharger DC

High Performing. Stylish. Versatile. Autel's MaxiCharger DC lineup delivers cutting-edge charging tailored for businesses and urban spaces.

  • Up to 640kW output
  • Advanced Technology and Design
  • Flexible Model Lineup

Quantev™ Operations Suite

Quantev™ is an advanced analytics and control platform suite designed to empower your network of Hypercharge EV Charging Stations.

  • Customized User Management
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Project Design & Installation

Navigate the road to EV charging success with Hypercharge's comprehensive Project Design & Installation services, tailored to bring your vision to life while ensuring operational excellence.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can Hypercharge systems be scaled as our organization grows?

    Absolutely, Hypercharge’s EV charging stations are designed for scalability, making it easy for growing organizations to expand their charging infrastructure without hassle. Our modular design and software capabilities make it a breeze to adapt to your evolving needs.

    How does Hypercharge align with our workplace's long-term strategic goals?

    Hypercharge’s EV charging solutions are future-focused, offering not only a green alternative but also aligning with emerging trends in transportation and smart technology. This forward-thinking approach enables workplaces to prepare for a future where electric mobility is the norm.

    What kind of maintenance and support can we expect from Hypercharge?

    Hypercharge offers comprehensive service packages including regular maintenance checks, 24/7 customer service, and advanced remote monitoring systems that ensure your stations are always up and running efficiently.

    How can installing Hypercharge stations add value to our workplace?

    Beyond the sustainability aspects, Hypercharge stations serve as an innovative addition that showcases your workplace as future-ready. It not only provides a much-needed amenity but also positions your company as a thought leader in adopting emerging technologies.

    How can we fund the installation of Hypercharge stations in our workplace?

    There are various funding options available, from federal tax incentives to grants aimed at promoting clean energy. Hypercharge can assist you in identifying these opportunities and guide you through the application process to secure funding for your EV charging stations.

    EV Charging for Workplaces

    Discover how Hypercharge EV Charging can contribute to a more sustainable and employee-friendly workplace.