Smart EV Charging for Apartments & Condos

Convenient and reliable residential charging solutions to enhance your property amenities.

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EV Charging is a must have for Apartment and Condo buildings.

As lifestyles shift and electric vehicles become integral to our daily lives, apartments and condos are presented with an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

By partnering with Hypercharge, you can unlock additional streams of revenue, increase your property’s value, and differentiate your community as a leader in embracing the lifestyle of tomorrow.

Increase Your Property Value

Elevate the market value of your apartment or condo complex by attracting a demographic willing to pay a premium for sustainable living options.

Higher Tenant Retention

The convenience of on-site EV charging stations can significantly enhance tenant satisfaction making them more likely to renew their leases.

Commit to Sustainability
Having EV charging solutions on-site positions your property as forward-thinking and prepared for impending regulations.
Featured Charging Solutions for Apartments & Condos

Hypercharge EVC11

Affordable. Efficient. Stylish. With the Hypercharge EVC11 EV Charger, everyday resident charging is a breeze.

  • Up to 7.6kW output at 32 amps
  • Wall or Pedestal Mountable
  • Sleek Design

Hypercharge EVC10

Dependable. Flexible. Effective. The Hypercharge EVC10 EV Charger comfortably adapts to serve mixed-use developments with ease.

  • Up to 11.5kW output at 48 amps
  • Wall or Pedestal Mountable
  • 4.3” LCD Screen

Hypercharge Mobile App

The Hypercharge Mobile App is a straightforward, user-friendly interface that enhances your residents’ charging experience.

  • Resident Convenience
  • Live Charger Status Information
  • Charging Notifications

The Hypercharge Difference

Complete EV charging solution through robust hardware, intuitive software, and expert services.

Flexible Solutions for Apartments & Condos

Hypercharge offers a range of user-friendly, efficient, and durable EV charging stations for every residential building setup.

• Hardware-agnostic approach – one size never fits all
• Scalable configurations that effortlessly integrate into new and existing developments

Incentives & Funding Guidance

We can help you unlock significant savings on EV charging installations at your property with expert guidance on rebates, grants, and incentives.

• Expert navigation of federal, state/provincial, municipal, and other programs
• Simplified application processes

Full Support from Start to Scale

Comprehensive support, clear communication, and attention to detail throughout every phase of your
installation project and beyond.

• Easy installation, integrated into the existing electrical systems of your property
• 24/7 Customer Support

Fully Integrated Software Platform

Manage multiple charging points with ease, analyze usage and power consumption, and make data-driven decisions.

• Manage multiple chargers, analyze usage and power consumption, and make data-driven decisions
• Real-time monitoring and insights

Our Customer Experience Sets Us Apart

Our commitment to superior customer service is often cited as the deciding factor for why our customers chose Hypercharge.

“Customer service and getting things done quickly seems like the norm for Hypercharge.”

Clint Wood, Safe Software

“Our client reached out to Hypercharge’s customer service and had nothing but nice things to say about the team.”

Melissa Tucci, Precise ParkLink
“From the outset, the communication with the Hypercharge team was nothing short of exceptional.”

Mike Botic, Bemister Electric

Frequently Asked Questions
How do Hypercharge solutions seamlessly integrate into existing apartment and condo infrastructures?

Hypercharge’s EV charging stations are designed for easy integration into the existing electrical systems of apartments and condos. Our software also enables property managers to monitor and manage power consumption efficiently, ensuring seamless operations.

What options do property managers have for setting up payment systems?

Hypercharge offers a flexible payment system that can be customized to your specific needs. Whether you want to offer free charging as an added amenity or set up a payment structure, our platform gives you complete control over how you monetize your stations.

How does Hypercharge ensure the reliability and security of the charging stations?

We offer robust maintenance and support services, including 24/7 customer service and real-time remote monitoring. This ensures any issues are quickly identified and resolved, providing a secure and reliable charging experience for your residents

Can installing Hypercharge EV charging stations become a new revenue stream for my property?

Yes, Hypercharge’s versatile payment solutions allow property managers to set up a pay-per-use or subscription-based model for residents. This not only recovers the cost of installation over time but can also serve as an additional revenue stream, making it a financially savvy investment for your property.

Are there government incentives available for installing Hypercharge EV charging stations in apartments and condos?

Various federal or local government grants and incentives often exist to encourage the deployment of EV charging infrastructure in multi-unit residences. Hypercharge can assist property managers in identifying these funding opportunities and guide them through the application process, making it easier to secure financial support for the installation.

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