EV Charging for
Multifamily Developments

The future of residential living is green, and multifamily residential developments are no exception. Hypercharge’s EV charging solutions meet the demands of modern residents, offering convenient and reliable solutions that set your property apart.

Profitable Communities

By offering residents modern and convenient charging solutions, you not only contribute to a greener future but also open a new revenue stream. Hypercharge’s EV chargers can be tailored to your pricing strategy, turning a sustainable choice into a profitable asset. Position the chargers as an upgrade rather than a cost, enhancing your property’s appeal and driving higher returns on investment. With Hypercharge, sustainability doesn’t come at the expense of profitability; it’s a pathway to it.

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Multifamily Development
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Top 3 Benefits for Multifamily Developments

Resident Satisfaction

Offer a valuable amenity that meets the modern needs of both today’s residents and those to come.


Align your property with environmental responsibility and enhance its market appeal.

Ease of Integration

Hypercharge’s solutions can be effortlessly integrated into new and existing developments.

The Multifamily Development Solution

Adaptive Hardware.

Hypercharge’s hardware adapts to various environments and future technological advancements. For every new or existing development, our scalable configurations ensure your investment remains relevant and robust.

Intelligent Software.

Our comprehensive software offers real-time monitoring, intelligent energy management, and user-friendly interfaces. Manage multiple charging points, analyze usage, and make data-driven decisions with ease and efficiency.

Customized Services.

We believe in personalized care. From initial consultation to ongoing support, Hypercharge’s customized services cater to your specific goals and challenges, ensuring your EV charging solution reflects your unique vision.

Team-Centric Consultative Approach

At Hypercharge, we partner with every member of your team to ensure success. From sales to development and beyond, our consultative approach provides multi-channel support tailored to your unique needs.

We believe in collaboration, building relationships, and providing solutions that align with your vision and objectives. Experience support that transcends products and becomes a partnership for success.

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At Hypercharge Networks, we’re on a mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by providing seamless, simple charging experiences through industry-leading equipment and a robust network of public charging stations.

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