Fast Charging. Faster Profits.
Now That’s Hypercharge.

Hypercharge provides fast and reliable Level 3 DC Fast Charging solutions for every application. Cutting-edge technology keeps your customers on the road with the convenience and speed they crave, while delivering a secure, profitable and future-proofed charging solution for your business.

Fastest Charging.

Hypercharge Level 3 DC Fast chargers recharge vehicles up to 50x faster than Level 2 charging. 

Faster charging means your customers can get back on the road quickly, reducing wait times at your charging stations, and encouraging a higher turnover.

Highest Revenue.

Hypercharge Level 3 DC Fast chargers enable higher charging fees, compared to Level 2 charging.

By charging users a premium for faster charging, you can attract high-value customers, maximize your revenue, and ensure your charging station remains profitable.

Future Proofed.

Hypercharge Level 3 DC Fast chargers are built to support the latest EV technology.

With Hypercharge, you’ll be ready to meet the charging demands of tomorrow, giving your business a competitive edge and positioning you as a leader in sustainable energy.

Hypercharge’s Level 3 DC Fast Charging solutions meet the requirements for the NEVI and Buy America programs – Learn More

Explore Level 3 DC Fast Charging Features

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Emergency Stop

Emergency stop push button to immediately stop charging.

Charging Connectors

Option for simultaneous charging for 2 vehicles with dual connectors.

RFID Interace

Start charging fast with a Hypercharge RFID card.

LCD Display

Touchscreen with high brightness and graphical visualization of the charging process.

Cable Management

Convenient and hassle-free reach with retractable cable management.

Stainless Steel Enclosure

Robust, all-weather powder-coated stainless steel enclosure for maximum durability.

Advanced Connectivity

Cellular, Wi-Fi, and LAN connectivity for fast activation.

Compact Base

Low profile, compact base to optimize space around the vehicle.

Powered by the Hypercharge Cloud Platform

Hypercharge’s cloud solutions fully manage and operate your Level 3 DC Fast Chargers with:

  • Comprehensive EV Network Platform

  • Multi-Site Management

  • Payment & Billing Management
  • Load Management

  • Monthly Reporting & Site Analytics

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At Hypercharge Networks, we’re on a mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by providing seamless, simple charging experiences through industry-leading equipment and a robust network of public charging stations.

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