Unlock EV Charging Rebates for Apartments and Condos in British Columbia.

The province of British Columbia is now making clean transportation even more affordable and accessible by offering CleanBC rebates on the purchase of EV charging infrastructure for Multi-Unit Residences.

Hypercharge can help you take advantage of rebates while they’re available to maximize your savings.

Level 2 EV Charging Rebate Details:

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Application Process for CleanBC Rebates.

Apply for Pre-Approval

When you have your documents ready, proceed to the CleanBC application form. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete the three-step application form. You’ll be asked to provide your contact details, information about your building, and the work to be done. Hypercharge can help you with pre-approval applications for CleanBC rebates.


Once you’re pre-approved

Within 30 days, CleanBC will review your application and send you an email indicating whether or not you’ve been pre-approved. That email will provide a summary of next steps, including your deadline to complete your project and submit your paid invoices.


Submit your final application

You have six months from your pre-approval date to complete the project and submit your final application. Hypercharge can help you with final applications for CleanBC rebates. In your final application, you’ll need to provide:

1. Pre-application reference number.

2. Charger invoice – A complete copy of the paid, itemized receipt for eligible charger(s). Must include retailer’s name, address and phone number. If this cost is included with the installation invoice, you can indicate this at the time of upload.

3. Installation invoice – A copy of the paid invoice for the cost of the charger and/or electrical infrastructure installation labour and construction by a licensed electrician. 

4. Picture of installed charging station(s) – One picture per station if multiple stations are part of your application.

5. Proof of charger internet connectivity – A screenshot of the back-end network operating system that shows that the charging stations are connected to the network.

6. A copy of the appropriate completed contractor form.

After submission, CleanBC will review your documents and if everything meets the requirements, will process your rebate payment within 90 days.

How Hypercharge is different.

EV adoption should be frictionless, so we’ve designed Hypercharge to be purposefully uncomplicated:

Advanced Technology and Open Standards

Comprehensive Service and Support 

Flexible Business Model and Ownership Options

Discover how much you’ll save with
EV Charging Rebates.

At Hypercharge Networks, we’re on a mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by providing seamless, simple charging experiences through industry-leading equipment and a robust network of public charging stations.

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