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As the Pacific Northwest transitions to electric vehicles, the demand for EV charging infrastructure is rapidly increasing. Washington has several incentives available to make it more affordable for businesses to install EV charging stations.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of EV charging incentives available in Washington! With thousands of dollars in funding available, Hypercharge can help you determine which rebates, grants, and other incentives are best suited to your business.

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Incentives in Washington can save you up to:

for each
charger installed


of total
project costs

per project

Incentive eligibility is subject to change and may vary based on individual circumstances. 

Washington EV Charging Incentives Questions.

What types of EV charging incentives are available in Washington?

Federal, state, and utility funded tax credits, rebates, and grants are available for EV charging projects in Washington.

Who is eligible for Washington EV charging incentives?

In Washington state, businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations are all eligible for EV charging incentives.

How do I apply for incentives in Washington?

The application process varies for each EV charging incentive, and they generally depend on the type of incentive being claimed. Some incentives may require the submission of an application and supporting documentation, while others may be automatically applied.

How much money can I expect to save?

The amount of money you can save with EV charging incentives depends on the type of incentive and the amount of infrastructure you are installing. Most incentives provide a significant reduction in the cost of installing EV charging equipment.

When will EV charging incentives expire in Washington?

The validity for each incentive varies greatly, so we recommend applying as soon as possible to maximize your savings. Most incentives have expiration dates and/or funding limits.

What if I have more questions?

No problem! To get the answers you need quickly, click on the orange live chat icon in the bottom right corner and our experts will be happy to help! Alternatively, our 24/7 general inquiries line is available at +1 (866) 764-5433.

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How Hypercharge is different.

Hypercharge is open.

Our vision for a truly carbon neutral future means compatible, holistic solutions that work in harmony among all EV charging providers.

Hypercharge’s OCPP-compliant hardware, software, and network are interoperable with other EV charging providers, meaning businesses and residences can be confident their investment will be protected and will not become obsolete as the industry continues to evolve.

Hypercharge is reliable.

The future of transportation requires reliable, easy-to-use, and convenient charging experiences that ensure the smoothest transition to fully electrified mobility.

By prioritizing a combination of reliable charging solutions and 24/7 customer service, Hypercharge is the leading EV charging company for businesses and residences that care about their users’ experience.

Hypercharge is flexible.

Personalized ownership options that match each property are necessary for the universal and widespread adoption of EV charging.

To make EV charging more accessible to all, Hypercharge has developed charger ownership models including Direct Purchase, Lease, and Charging as a Service (CaaS) to suit a variety of goals, budgets, and capacities. 

Unlock EV Charging Incentives for your Business.

At Hypercharge Networks, we’re on a mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by providing seamless, simple charging experiences through industry-leading equipment and a robust network of public charging stations.

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