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Fleet Hardware

Hypercharge’s portfolio includes equipment to serve every setting and vehicle with outputs from 6kW – 350kW.

Hypercharge JNT-EVC10
Hypercharge JNT-EVC11
Hypercharge JuiceBar Gen 3 Series

Hypercharge Level 3 DC Fast Charging

Hypercharge is open.

Every Hypercharge EV Charging Station is Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant.

OCPP allows Hypercharge to offer you a wide range of equipment that works with both our network and our roaming partners, all without locking you into proprietary hardware.

Light Duty and Field Service.

Affordable, Expandable Hardware for in-depot or at-home applications.

Best for: Rideshare/Taxi Vehicles, Pickup Trucks, Light Delivery

  • Power your fleet with configurable amperage between 16-48 amps and max output of 11.5kW.

  • Energy Management tools, including dynamic load balancing, limiting and utility demand response, to save on operational costs.

  • Decide who can use your charging stations using access control and RFID cards assigned to drivers.

Medium to Heavy Duty.

Dependable, Durable Hardware for in-depot applications.

Best for: Public Transit, Cargo Delivery, Buses

  • Fastest Level 2 charger in the industry, with maximum power output of 19.2kW (80A).

  • Dual port options to reduce footprint in depots with ability for dynamic load balancing.

  • Cable management system that retracts charging cord after usage to ensure workplace safety compliance.

Heavy Duty and Rapid Recharge.

Powerful Hardware for in-depot or on-the-go applications.

Best for: Rapid recharging for all electric vehicles

  • Lightning-fast charging with models ranging 50kW- 350kW output and built-in load-sharing capabilities.

  • Customizable charging connectors supporting all EV charging standards to support existing and new electric vehicles as they join your fleet.

  • Reliable, durable, and modular design to withstand the elements and support easy field maintenance.

Hardware that serves every fleet.

Hypercharge’s extensive EV charging station portfolio includes solutions for any fleet, no matter what size.