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Proactive Fleet

Hypercharge’s proactive fleet services and fully managed support offers complete peace of mind.

Hypercharge fleet services.

Solutions for designing & building successful infrastructure for fleets of every stage of electrification.

Consulting Services
  • Strategic EV Charging Infrastructure Consulting
  • Electrical Engineering & Make-Ready Proposals
  • RFP, Grants & Incentives Development
  • Corporate ESG and Sustainability Planning
Planning & Procurement
  • EV Charging Hardware Design & Spec
  • Custom Rate Planning
  • Purchase/Lease/Finance
  • Provisioning & Project Management
  • Home-Based EV Charging (if required)
Installation & Management
  • Comprehensive Charging Station Installation Network
  • 24/7 Station Management and Contact Centre
  • Online Payments & Billing
  • Comprehensive Fleet EV Reporting
Tech, Data & Reporting
  • Plug and Charge API Integration Platform
  • Carbon Credit Capture
  • ESG Reporting
  • Integration with Grid, Power Generation, and Battery Storage
  • Custom Development

How we enable fleet operators.

Proactive monitoring.

Hypercharge offers automated station monitoring to ensure maximum uptime for your fleet.

In your neighbourhood.

Localized product availability, spare parts, and feet on the ground for a mission critical response.

Omni-channel support.

Get help when you need it with 24/7 customer support that assists both you and your drivers.

Supporting you in your mission to electrify your fleet.

Hypercharge’s A-Z approach encompasses everything you need for EV charging success.