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Electrify the Future of Living

Your building’s residents are looking to future-proof their homes to ensure they’re ready for the impending electrification of vehicles.

The easiest way for them to be ready to hit the road whenever is to always have a full charge starting at home.

Benefits of EV Charging in your Residential Building

Increase Building Value

Attract New Residents

Comply with New Regulations


Our Approach

When you work with Hypercharge you don’t just become our client; you become our partner in the electrification of automotive transportation.

We develop your EV charging solution to ensure your steady growth, success, and positioning as a conscious innovator in the development of critical infrastructure.  


Our Philosophy

We don’t believe in locking you into proprietary systems which is why we provide solutions compatible with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is a communication standard that means compatible EV chargers are interoperable with another provider, should you wish to change networks.

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Service & Support Solutions

EV charging is a modern and successful way to attract residents, meet environmental goals, increase income, and much more.

Hypercharge’s complete turnkey solutions help you achieve your electric vehicle charging infrastucture goals from start to finish, and beyond.

We’ll ensure your plan is future-proofed to allow for expansion when the time comes to add more chargers.


Site Design

Through our network of expert partners and local support, we make sure your stations are installed to the highest standard.



Our experts will be on hand to maintain operations of your stations, including access rules, pricing, users, admin privileges, and more.



We’ll be there to make sure your charging stations are functioning efficiently and providing the best experience for your users.



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Software Solutions

Hypercharge provides operators of residential buildings with comprehensive and customized EV software, making it simple to run and adapt charging stations to match your needs.

You’re in control by utilizing our software platform to set the price that residents pay to use charging stations by cost of energy, time of day, length of session, plus many more.

You’ve got the stats; minimize your costs with detailed energy analytics allowing you to deploy data-backed strategies.

You’ve got the power with direct user management that enables, disables, and edits resident access to charging stations.

You’re covered with remote, real-time monitoring of all charging stations linked to our network. Should an issue arise, 24/7 technical help is on hand to help.

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Hardware Solutions

Delivering our software and services to your building, Hypercharge’s hardware makes EV charging fast, easy and Canada-tough. We proudly use the latest charging technology to ensure charging stations are safe and dependable, with an easy-to-use experience.

Level 2 AC Charger


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