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EV charging for
Multi-Unit Residential.

Electrify the future of living.

Your building’s residents are looking to future-proof their homes to prepare for the impending electrification of vehicles.

By providing EV charging on site, you’ll allow them to always be ready to go, while opening up an entirely new revenue stream for your building.

Increase your building’s value

Attract and retain residents

Position your building as eco-conscious

The turnkey solution.

Hypercharge Cloud Platform & App

A comprehensive network that works for you.

Dependable Charging

Our portfolio of hardware works for every building, no matter the size.

Proactive Support

Comprehensive, simple support that’s available 24 hours a day.

More Than a Perk: EV Charging is a Must-have for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Flexible ownership options.

Make it easy.

Hypercharge provides flexible ownership options to fit every customer’s needs and expand over time.

Make it work.

Unlike others, all of Hypercharge’s solutions are based on open standards to future-proof against vendor lock-in.

FlexiLease(reduces upfront costs) Flexi Lease(to reduce upfront capital costs) Charging as a Service(CaaS)

We make EV charging simple.

Hypercharge’s flexible approach makes EV charging on your property easy and profitable.