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Residential EV Charging

Most EV charging happens right at home. Make the most of your resident’s downtime by offering convenient and reliable residential charging solutions.

Apartments & Condos

Single Family Homes

Residential EV Charging Solutions
Frequently Asked Questions
What makes Hypercharge a preferred choice for residential EV charging solutions?
Hypercharge offers a range of user-friendly, efficient, and durable EV charging stations specifically designed for both Apartments & Condos, and Single Family Homes. With smart features like remote monitoring and energy-saving modes, our solutions make home charging convenient and cost-effective.
What safety features do Hypercharge residential charging stations offer?

Safety is our top priority. Hypercharge stations come with built-in safety mechanisms like over-current protection, fault detection, and secure user authentication to ensure a risk-free charging experience.

What warranty and customer support services does Hypercharge offer for residential users?

Hypercharge offers an industry-leading warranty for its residential charging stations. In addition to that, our 24/7 customer support ensures that you always have assistance when you need it, guaranteeing peace of mind.

How does Hypercharge help buildings plan for future expansion?

Hypercharge solutions are scalable by design, allowing for easy expansion as your charging needs grow. By planning for the future up front, we help multifamily buildings avoid the higher costs and complexities associated with retrofitting or overhauling their EV charging setup later on.