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DC Fast Charging Stations

Hypercharge’s DC Fast Charging Stations provide exceptional speed and efficiency, making them a perfect choice for businesses that want offer the fastest rapid recharge option.


Reliable. Adaptive. Dynamic. Kempower’s DC Fast Charging Stations effortlessly meet the demands of modern businesses and urban developments.

  • Up to 600kW output
  • Robust Construction
  • Scalable and Modular

ABB Terra Series

Responsive. Powerful. Dependable. The ABB Terra Series stands as a beacon of rapid charging infrastructure for any business.

  • Up to 350kW output
  • Proven Solution 
  • Buy America Compliant

FreeWire Boost Charger 200

Flexible. Innovative. Efficient. The FreeWire Boost Charger 200 seamlessly integrates into most locations with ease.

  • Up to 200kW output
  • Lower Cost and Less Complex Installation
  • Flexible Redeployment Options
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