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Autel MaxiCharger DC

High Performing. Stylish. Versatile. Autel’s MaxiCharger DC lineup delivers cutting-edge charging tailored for businesses and urban spaces.

Up to 640kW output

The Autel MaxiCharger DC range delivers impressive power outputs ranging from 40kW to 640kW, ensuring rapid and efficient charging for all electric vehicles. Whether you’re accommodating a compact urban charger or a high-capacity highway station, these chargers minimize downtime and maximize throughput, enhancing the overall user experience​

Advanced Technology and Design

Featuring robust construction and cutting-edge technology, Autel MaxiCharger DC chargers offer user-friendly interfaces, intelligent load balancing, and comprehensive safety measures. The sleek and durable design makes them perfect for various environments, from busy city streets to commercial hubs, providing reliable and safe charging solutions​.

Flexible Model Lineup

Autel’s MaxiCharger DC charger lineup offers a comprehensive range of models to cover every charging need. From the compact and efficient DC Compact to the ultra-fast DC HiPower and the versatile DC Fast, these chargers are designed to meet diverse demands across various locations and applications, providing tailored solutions for any environment.​

Autel MaxiCharger DC Spec Sheets

MaxiCharger DC

MaxiCharger DC

MaxiCharger DC

Autel MaxiCharger DC Ownership Options

MaxiCharger DC HiPower Features

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Cable Management

15.6" LCD Touch Screen

RFID Reader

Dual Port Connectors

Optional Credit Card Reader

Maximum Output
640 kW

Max 650 A

150-950 V

Number of Ports

Connector Type

Charging Cable Length
13ft (16ft/23ft options available)


Enclosure Rating

81.7” x 22.8” x 12.6”

Operating Temperature
-31°F ~ +131°F (-35°C ~ +55°C)

Autel MaxiCharger DC

High Performing. Stylish. Versatile.