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With current settings configurable between 32-48 amps, the JNT-EVC10 is a fully featured, accessible EV charging station that comfortably adapts to your specific site requirements.

The Hypercharge JNT-EVC10 is in stock and ready to install.

Mounting options.

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Option 1

Option 2

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Dynamic energy management.

Smart-charging technology allows multiple vehicles to charge on the same circuit, drastically reducing costs:

The first driver starts charging – power is used solely for this vehicle.

Other drivers arrive and start charging – power splits between all three vehicles.

One of the vehicles becomes fully charged – power splits between the remaining cars.

Read all the technical details for this charger:

Main product features.

Smart Charging

Charges a vehicle at up to 35-40km per hour. Connects to Hypercharge’s back-end management system with an online dashboard available to station owners, which provides visibility and analytics into all charging sessions.

Configurable Outputs

Adapts to your specific electrical requirements with configurable current settings ranging between 32-48 amps.

Access Control

Station owners have complete control over who can use the charging stations and when. Each charger can be configured to support RFID card, mobile app and QR code authentication and payment. EV drivers are able to remotely monitor their charging sessions as well as receive notifications in real-time.

Energy Management

Built-in energy management technology helps decrease initial capital infrastructure costs on installation while also assisting station owners with a reduction in operational costs.

Mounting Options

Either mounted on a wall or pedestal. Up to 2 units can be mounted together on the same pedestal. A retractable cable management system option reduces touch-points on the station, avoids tripping hazards, and creates a cleaner installation.


Remote networking services are established through each station via LAN, 4G or Wi-Fi.


All major components of the charging station are modular and have the ability to be serviced in the field which allows Hypercharge to support the hardware long-term without having to replace the entire charger.


All stations come equipped with a standard 3-year warranty inclusive of parts and OEM defects included in the cost of the charging station.

Flexible ownership options.

Make it easy.

Hypercharge provides flexible ownership options to fit every customer’s needs and expand over time.

Make it work.

Unlike others, all of Hypercharge’s solutions are based on open standards to future-proof against vendor lock-in.

FlexiLease(reduces upfront costs) Flexi Lease(to reduce upfront capital costs) Charging as a Service(CaaS)

We make EV charging easy.

Hypercharge’s flexible approach makes EV charging on your property easy and profitable.