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JuiceBar Gen 3 Series

Customizable. Definitive. Powerful. Bring excellence to your Business with the high-visibility of the JuiceBar Gen 3 Series.

Up to 19.2kW output at 80 amps

Designed for flexibility and customization, the JuiceBar Gen 3 Series is the market’s fastest Level 2 charger, delivering an impressive 19.2 kW output at 80 amps. This ensures unparalleled reliability and peace of mind, catering to the diverse charging requirements of all EV drivers. Its exceptional power output not only shortens charging times but also provides a robust solution for high-traffic areas, ensuring that your charging infrastructure can keep pace with growing demand.

Durable Aluminum Enclosure

Encased in a durable aluminum enclosure, the JuiceBar Gen 3 Series is built to withstand the elements and the test of time. This robust construction ensures that the charger remains operational through various weather conditions, from scorching heat to freezing cold, providing a reliable charging experience year-round. The aluminum casing also offers superior resistance to corrosion and wear, making it a long-lasting investment for any charging infrastructure.

Customizable Wrapping with Your Brand

Elevate your brand visibility with the JuiceBar Gen 3 Series’ wrappable front, providing a unique opportunity to feature your company’s branding prominently. This customizable space turns the charger into more than just a functional asset; it becomes a visual extension of your brand. Whether you’re aiming to reinforce brand identity or simply make the charger easily identifiable, the wrappable front surface allows for a tailored charging experience that aligns with your corporate aesthetics.

JuiceBar Gen 3 Series Spec Sheet

JuiceBar Gen 3 Series Ownership Options

JuiceBar Gen 3 Series Features

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Custom Wrappable Front

RFID Reader & Left/Right Indicators

LED Status Indicator

Dual SAE J1772 Charging Plugs

Durable Pedestal Mounting

Cable Management System

Maximum Output

40-80 A

208-240 V

Number of Ports

Connector Type
SAE J1772

Charging Cable Length

4G, Wi-Fi, LAN

IP Code

36.5” x 16” x 12”


Smart Charging

Communicates data in real-time with the back-end management system. The platform allows station owners to get key insights into information such as how long drivers are staying at a location, when the peak usage times are, usage data to support GHG savings calculations, and charging station operational data.

Robust Enclosure

Made from 100% aluminum and NEMA-3R rated, the enclosure offers protection from vandalism and resistance to anything the great outdoors throws its way.

Mounting Options

Either mounted on a wall or pedestal. Up to 2 units can be mounted together on the same pedestal. Each unit has an integrated cable management system, which reduces touch-points on the station, avoids tripping hazards, and creates a cleaner installation.


All major components are field swappable, which allows Hypercharge to support the hardware long-term without having to replace the charging station.


All stations come equipped with a standard 2-year warranty inclusive of parts and OEM defects included in the cost of the charging station.

JuiceBar Gen 3 Series

Customizable. Definitive. Powerful.