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Upgrade your commercial real estate with zero risk EV charging infrastructure from Hypercharge. With Charging-as-a-Service, all upfront costs are eliminated, offering a pathway to generate new revenue streams without hassle or overhead.

Charging-as-a-Service is a comprehensive EV charging solution where Hypercharge installs, manages, and operates charging stations on your commercial property at no cost.

Property developers and owners enjoy a new revenue stream through a share of the charging revenue, while Hypercharge retains ownership of the chargers, eliminating operational hassle and expense for your business.

Zero Risk Engagement
Charging-as-a-Service eliminates the financial barriers typically associated with deploying EV charging infrastructure. By covering all upfront planning, design, installation, and ongoing costs, there’s no initial investment or ongoing financial commitment from you.
Dynamic Capacity Upgrades

With EV adoption rapidly increasing, the need for charging infrastructure is more critical than ever. Hypercharge responds to this with dynamic capacity upgrades, ensuring that as the number of EV drivers visiting your property grows, so too does your charging capacity.

Business Outcomes Focused

Charging-as-a-Service is designed with a clear focus on enhancing business outcomes. By offering Hypercharge EV charging, you’ll maximize your property value, enhance tenant satisfaction, and unlock new revenue streams for your business.

Charging-as-a-Service from Hypercharge includes:



Revenue Share

How Hypercharge Charging-as-a-Service Works:


Setup and Implementation

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Custom Design and Efficiency Planning
  • Integration with Existing Energy Systems
  • Compliance and Approvals
  • Physical Installation


Operational Management
  • Activation and Launch
  • Driver Engagement
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Regular Service and Maintenance


Future-Proofing and Expansion
  • Demand Monitoring and Analysis
  • Strategic Expansion
  • Charging Technology Updates

Charging-as-a-Service Revenue Share Models

Hypercharge’s Revenue Share Models are customized based on site readiness, available incentives, and anticipated utilization. This ensures you receive the most beneficial financial terms for your property, optimizing returns, and fostering a profitable partnership.


Revenue Share

Developments requiring significant installation work, not designed to accommodate contemporary electrical usage, and/or very restricted power.


Revenue Share

Commercial developments constructed within the past 3-5 years, designed to accommodate contemporary electrical usage but with restricted power.


Revenue Share

Newly built developments with EV charging integration in mind or existing buildings that have already been outfitted to support EV charging capabilities.


Discover how Charging-as-a-Service from Hypercharge can eliminate all barriers to EV charging at your commercial building.

Eligibility for Charging-as-a-Service program is not guaranteed for all sites. A detailed assessment determines site suitability based on specific criteria. Participants are required to share any credit funding options. Sites must own their electrical meter to qualify. Hypercharge reserves the right to update these terms as necessary to reflect program evolution and regulatory changes.