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Project Design & Installation

Let Hypercharge’s comprehensive Project Design & Installation services bring your EV charging vision to life while ensuring operational excellence.

Site Design

Whether you’re looking to attract new business, increase revenue, or support your community’s sustainability goals, we help you design a charging solution that aligns with your unique needs and objectives. From choosing the right type of chargers to determining their optimal placement, we work closely with you to create a comprehensive site design.


Our team collaborates with trusted electrical contractors to ensure your charging stations are installed to the highest standards. We assess your existing electrical capacity and make recommendations for any necessary upgrades. This ensures that your new EV charging stations are not just functional but also future-proof, allowing for easy expansion as your needs grow.


Once the infrastructure is in place, we handle the delivery and commissioning of your charging stations. We connect them to the public grid and our operating network, ensuring they’re ready for immediate use. From energy management settings to firmware updates, we take care of all the technical details so you can focus on what you do best—running your business.


Our relationship doesn’t end once your charging stations are operational. We offer ongoing management support, including regular maintenance check-ups and prompt repair services. With options for basic or comprehensive warranties, you can rest assured that your investment is protected. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility to adjust settings like access policies and pricing through Quantev Site Control.

Project Design & Installation

Discover how Project Design & Installation by Hypercharge can simplify your project.