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Driver Mobile App

The Hypercharge EV Charging Mobile App is a straightforward, user-friendly interface that enhances your customers’ charging experience by offering real-time data, payment flexibility, and remote monitoring.

Customer Convenience

Easy station activation and pay-as-you-go options make the charging process hassle-free for your customers.

Live Charger Status Information

Customers can find available charging stations and monitor their charging progress in real-time, reducing uncertainty and enhancing satisfaction.

Charging Notifications

Keep your customers informed with real-time notifications about their charging status and any session interruptions, reducing the need for manual monitoring and adding an extra layer of convenience.

Locate Hypercharge
EV Charging Stations

View Charger Status and
Start Charging

Full Account Management
with Digital Wallet

Activate Stations

Customers can easily start a charging session with just a few taps.

Member Rates

Registration allows for special member rates, or customers can opt for pay-as-you-go.

Funding Transfer

Users can transfer the necessary funds for their charging session directly within the app.

Vehicle Details

Adding vehicle make and model allows for an optimized charging experience.

Real-Time Maps

Customers can locate and check the status of nearby charging stations.

Charging History

A comprehensive log allows users to review past charging sessions.

Driver Mobile App

Discover how the Hypercharge EV Charging Mobile App enhances your customers’ experience.