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Eevion™ Integrated Charging

Eevion™ is a cloud-based platform designed to simplify the charging experience for your customers by enabling them to activate and monitor their charging sessions within your brand’s existing interface.

Simplified User Experience

By integrating all charging functionalities directly into your existing app, platform, or system, Eevion™ offers a streamlined and intuitive experience for your customers. This unified approach fosters increased user engagement and speeds up the turnaround time for parking lot spaces, ultimately contributing to user satisfaction.

Create New Value & Increase Revenue

With Eevion™, you can not only enhance your app’s features but also monetize the EV charging experience. Whether it’s through loyalty programs or direct commissions on charging sessions, the platform offers multiple avenues for added revenue. This multi-faceted revenue model not only diversifies your income streams but also boosts customer retention by offering valuable perks and rewards.

Streamlined Reconciliation & Analytics

Featuring an API-based architecture, Eevion™ simplifies the process of transaction and data reconciliation. It consolidates critical metrics, including usage statistics, payment records, and charging session data, into a single, easy-to-read dashboard. This cohesive data view empowers operators with actionable insights for operational efficiency, cost management, and strategic planning.

Eevion for Parking Lots

ParkCo has successfully harnessed the power of Eevion Integrated Charging to elevate their parking payment app’s user experience and operational efficiency. Here’s how:

Seamless Charging and Parking

With seamless integration, ParkCo’s users can now start and stop charging sessions as part of a straightforward transaction. This Eevion™ feature has led to faster turnaround times for parking lot spaces, elevating user satisfaction, and optimizing space usage.

Flexible and Dynamic Pricing

ParkCo can now implement flexible pricing strategies and access controls that cater to different customer segments. This has increased the aggregate volume of credit and debit card transactions, reducing per-transaction costs for parking lot operators.

Instant Revenue and Lower Fees

Through Eevion, ParkCo has streamlined its revenue model. Charging revenue is now received directly and faster, mitigating the need to wait for monthly cash-outs. The platform’s efficiency has also led to lower transaction fees, boosting overall profitability.

Centralized Management

Updates and changes are a breeze with Eevion. ParkCo operators can make adjustments in their preferred management system, which then automatically syncs with all connected charging stations. This centralization significantly reduces administrative overhead and eliminates room for error.

Eevion Supports Any Cloud Service

Eevion for Fleet Management

  • Simplified Operations: Streamline the user experience for both fleet managers and drivers.
  • Comprehensive Data Access: Enable managers to view charging data for efficient asset management, vehicle utilization, and route planning.
  • Utility Rate Optimization: Optimize electricity costs through smart in-yard charging management.
  • Load Management: Implement smart charging to maximize economic value and minimize energy costs.

Eevion for Loyalty Programs

  • Point-Based Rewards: Enable loyalty members to earn points through charging on our expanding network across North America.
  • Enhanced Customer Relations: Build long-standing customer relationships and deepen brand loyalty.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilize valuable analytics on usage, spend, and vehicle data for targeted marketing and demographic modeling.
  • Unified User Experience: Offer a seamless, in-app charging experience that increases app engagement.

Eevion for Building Management

  • Integrated Facility Management: Seamlessly incorporate EV charging into your existing building management systems for comprehensive facility oversight.
  • Tenant Attraction and Retention: Enhance property value and tenant satisfaction by offering state-of-the-art EV charging solutions.
  • Dynamic Pricing Models: Set flexible charging tariffs that adapt to demand and availability, maximizing revenue.
  • Automated Reporting: Gain automated insights into energy usage, carbon credits, and other key performance indicators, all consolidated in your preferred management system.

Eevion Integrated Charging

Discover how Eevion Integrated Charging can unlock new potential for your business.