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Proactev Network Management

Proactevis a cloud-based platform suite designed to optimize and streamline operations of your Hypercharge EV Charging Stations, offering real-time diagnostics and active support solutions to our network operations team.

Unparalleled Real-Time Insights

Proactev provides comprehensive, real-time data analysis, processing over 1,000 records per minute to keep your charge stations running smoothly.

Active Troubleshooting

Instead of waiting for problems to escalate, Proactev identifies and isolates issues in real-time, facilitating quicker resolutions and minimizing disruptions.

Enhanced User Experience

By dynamically diagnosing issues and offering targeted resolutions, Proactev ensures a seamless experience for your customers, boosting loyalty and trust in your brand.

24/7 Efficiency and Performance with Proactev

Proactev brings robust performance and efficiency to your EV charging network without any extra effort or cost – all features are built into your charging solution as standard and work 24/7 to ensure your chargers remain fully operational.

Proactev for Stations

Proactev for Stations oversees all charging stations on the Hypercharge Network in real-time, isolating any issues, and instantly notifying our network operations team the moment they arise.

Proactev for Energy

Proactev for Energy examines subsets of logged data to determine when chargers are not delivering energy to specification, such as a failed meter board, ensuring all chargers meet the highest quality standards.

Proactev for Drivers

Proactev for Drivers aids in identifying driver-specific issues, even when the charger is fully operational. Proactev for Drivers helps isolate what the vehicle is reporting in conjunction with the actions the driver has taken to determine when a driver needs support.

Proactev Network Management

Discover how Proactev™ Network Management optimizes your charging stations for seamless operations.