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Quantev Operations Suite

Quantev is an advanced analytics and management cloud-based platform designed to empower your network of Hypercharge EV charging stations with extensive data analysis and customized control options.

Customized User Management

With Quantev Control, you can manage who has access to your charging stations, set tariffs, and categorize users—maximizing both efficiency and revenue.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our advanced analytics platform stores historical records to enable predictive analytics, audit trails, and strategic planning, allowing insight-driven and effective operations.

Comprehensive Reporting

From energy usage to revenue reconciliation, smart reporting tools in Quantev offer in-depth insights that are not only useful but also compliant with carbon credits programs.

Unlock Smart Business Decisions with Quantev™

Quantev is designed to help you make the most of your EV charging network by bringing you the tools you need to make smart business decisions, maximizing profitability with your charging stations.

Quantev Operations Suite Core Features

Quantev Site Control

Quantev Site Control is a responsive web platform that enables you direct control of your Hypercharge EV chargers with functions including, price setting, extensive reporting setting on various metrics like energy usage, carbon credits, and revenue, and more.

With Quantev Site Control, you can:

  • Control user access to your charging stations and limit which users can use certain stations.
  • Set charging rates per user or user groups.
  • Access in-depth tools for energy usage by station; Carbon Credits earned/generated and estimated economic value; real-time status of stations; revenue by station/period; revenue reconciliation and payment receipts.

Quantev Analytics

Quantev Analytics is our proprietary data analytics platform that stores records for your charging stations, offering historical data and analysis tools for:

    • Optimizing Expansion: Quantev Analytics helps you determine the right time to expand your charging capabilities by analyzing past utilization trends..
    • Ensuring Full Compliance: Keep track of all transaction and payment records effortlessly. Plus, maintain seamless compliance with carbon credit programs.
    • Targeted Energy Reporting: Get insights tailored to your needs, whether that’s energy usage by jurisdiction, utility provider, or even individual sites.‎
    • Understanding Your Users: Tap into demographic data to better understand your users’ behaviour and preferences, allowing for more targeted marketing and operational strategies.

Quantev Operations Suite

Discover how Quantev™ Operations Suite empowers your business with smart EV charging controls.