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is now part of

Hypercharge has acquired SparkEV, an Ontario-based EV charging installer and distributor of stations across Canada. All of SparkEV’s employees have been integrated into Hypercharge Networks Corp.

What happened to SparkEV’s website?

As part of SparkEV’s integration, all of the content from the website is now available here on

Why are we doing this?

Hypercharge’s acquisition of SparkEV brings together two strong companies with experience and leadership in the EV space, unified in our mission to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

How does this affect me?

Existing clients: As SparkEV’s entire team have been fully transitioned to Hypercharge, your existing contacts will remain as-is, however with the addition of Hypercharge’s additional resources, there is now an extended team to ensure your success with EV charging.

New clients: We are proud to welcome you to Hypercharge, now incorporating the same incredible service from SparkEV, with the addition of Hypercharge’s extended resources.

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