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Inside Hypercharge: Our Values and Culture

October 28, 2022

To thrive within a new and rapidly changing industry, a young company needs a clear vision, superb products, and top-performing team. For Hypercharge, the formula for success has also included staying true to the company’s mission, purpose, and values while establishing itself as a leading clean technology innovator.

In this post, Kyle Green, Senior Marketing Manager, answers questions about the core tenets that have guided Hypercharge throughout its journey to create best-in-market EV charging solutions.


How would you sum up Hypercharge’s mission?

Hypercharge’s mission is to provide smart EV charging solutions to help businesses grow, all while accelerating the shift towards a carbon neutral future. For many businesses, that means discovering an entirely new source of revenue. Not everyone can open up a gas station on their property, but pretty much everyone with a parking lot can put in EV chargers and set their own rates for usage. As a site owner, you’ll make back your initial costs and continue earning revenue as more and more people are attracted to your lot, store, or hotel.

Another way to think of adding EV charging is like adding a new product range to your business. Just as a retailer might introduce a new item to their store, here’s a new service that can make use of an under-utilized portion of your property. How often do you get a chance innovate your business while doing something good for the planet and your community?


One of Hypercharge’s core values is collaboration. How has that contributed to the company’s swift success?

We have incredibly dedicated team members who come from a variety of backgrounds that have equipped them to succeed in this emerging industry. Our Vice President of Operations, Sion Jones, for example, has more than twenty years of experience as a master electrician, which has been invaluable to all of us. So we have all these talented people, combined with a culture of collaboration.

We’re a close-knit team with wide-open channels of communication. I talk to every other department almost every day. We have a weekly team huddle where the important questions get asked, like who has blockers, what can others do to assist you, and so on. Everybody has a part to play in what we’re building here. We’re one team, and we’re all totally unified.

We operate in the same way with our host sites and Preferred Partners. The feedback we get after a project is launched is that everybody from Hypercharge was incredibly involved, very on top of even the smallest details. Our commitment to ensuring everyone feels well attended to and has a positive experience is an important day-to-day mantra that we live by here. Of course, an essential part of that positive experience is trusting us to deliver the best EV charging solutions suited to that specific location.


How do Hypercharge products ensure a positive user experience?

It’s all about simplicity. The leading tech companies of our world never complicate matters with more than you need. You don’t need to have a thousand buttons to choose from. We absolutely share this pared-down approach. At the end of the day, EV charging solutions need to just work from the get go.

A lot of people think EV charging is complicated compared to filling your car with gas. We’re all trained to go to the gas station, put the nozzle into the vehicle, and pump the gas. Why can’t EV charging be that easy? It can be. Our products are designed to be eye catching, yes, but super simple to use. You literally just plug in your car and either tap a card on the front of the charger or press a button within the app. That’s it. The hardware and mobile app are so easy to use. As an EV driver myself, that’s absolute bliss. All I’m trying to do is charge my car, not reinvent the wheel.


One of Hypercharge’s priorities is connecting communities. How does clean technology achieve this?

Everyone felt the brunt of being disconnected during the height of the pandemic. FaceTime and Zoom meetings are great, but they’ll never replace seeing someone in person. Human connection is core to our communities and how Hypercharge supports that is by getting people from A to B in a completely environmentally friendly way.

If you have an EV and live in an area where there aren’t enough chargers, you may be reluctant to visit your family and friends a couple of hours away out of fear your car isn’t going make it. That fear could deter you from getting an EV to begin with. We need charging infrastructure to enable EV adoption everywhere—no ifs, ands, or buts about it. And the sooner we get on top of that, the better, because the damage we do to our planet increases every single day.


What has been the most gratifying aspect of working with Hypercharge?

We’re a business that helps other businesses grow, but there’s a bigger picture. As a clean technology innovator, we’re bettering the environment by supporting the shift towards a carbon-neutral future. Frankly, if I worked in a polluting transportation space, I wouldn’t be going home at the end of the day feeling happy about what I do for a living. I wouldn’t go to bed thinking, “Wow, I really made a change today.”

Transportation accounts for more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions; if we can decrease this—along with everything else that’s polluting the air—that’s only a positive way forward and that’s what inspires me and our team at Hypercharge.


Hypercharge values your business goals for EV charging solutions.