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Workplace EV Charging: A Proactive Approach to Employee Retention

June 14, 2022

In response to changes within the labour market brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are seeking inventive, effective approaches to retaining employees. Onsite EV charging is a creative and proactive way to set your organization apart from other workplaces. Read on to learn how EV charging promotes a happier, greener work environment with advantages for both employees and employers.


Enhances your brand


More than ever, employees want to work for companies that practice social responsibility. LinkedIn reports that 71% of professionals would take a pay cut in order to work for a company that shares their values. Another study found that more than half of workers avoid employers that don’t have strong social or environmental commitments. The presence of charging stations sends a clear message to employees and job candidates about an organization’s priorities. Branding your Hypercharge stations with a custom wrap further broadcasts your support for green energy to visitors and the greater community. 

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Offers a unique benefit


LinkedIn reports that 44% of professionals who stay at their workplace for more than five years do so because of valuable benefits. Access to a workplace charging station is a relatively affordable addition to a benefits package, one that demonstrates a forward-looking mindset by getting in front of the increasing demand for EV charging.


Meets a need


For many EV drivers, workplace charging is not a perk but rather a necessity. This is especially true of apartment and condo residents whose buildings lack the necessary electrical infrastructure or charging equipment. Even detached homeowners may be unable to access a power source due to on-street or permit parking. A workplace EV charging station is a reliable and convenient option for recharging while a vehicle is idle during the workday. To this, you could add a significant cost savings for your employees by offering charging for free or at a lower cost than public stations, or offer as part of a benefits package.


Reduces range anxiety


Workplace charging helps reduce “range anxiety,” the fear of insufficient battery power to get to a destination. Whether attending offsite meetings or fitting in an extra errand, employees can go about their day with less planning and more confidence. Charging at work also adds productivity to the workday by making the most of time spent at the office and a commute. This is especially valuable to employees in hybrid work environments, who may live farther from their offices and commute only as needed. 


Promotes EV driving


Organizations that are committed to clean energy initiatives can encourage EV ownership through onsite charging. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy reports that employees who have access to workplace charging are six times more likely to own an EV than those who do not. Begin by educating your workforce about the benefits of EVs, as well as government incentives that support ownership, such as rebates. Additional workplace incentives include reserving premium parking spots for EVs, free or low-cost charging, and subsidies for maintaining the vehicle. 


Provides a comfortable ride


When the temperature spikes or tumbles below zero, your employees will thank you for the comfortable ride a charging station can offer. An EV’s “preconditioning” function warms the cabin and battery of the vehicle on cold days and cools them on hot days, ensuring the optimal temperature for driving or charging. It also prevents the accelerated battery drainage caused by temperature extremes that can lead to range anxiety and longer charging times. However, preconditioning is best performed with the vehicle plugged in and may take up to an hour. Workplace EV charging stations make it easy to precondition before heading out to a meeting or the commute home.


Encourages collaboration


Involving employees in the process of planning and installing EV charging capabilities ensures their voices are heard. Consider conducting a survey or holding a meeting to learn about their current charging needs and plans for future EV ownership. You may also wish to establish a staff committee that helps make important decisions, such as the types of stations, their locations, and usage guidelines. 

Workplaces can offset the cost of installing electrical infrastructure and charging stations through rebates and other incentives available from governments, municipalities, and utility companies. Tell us about your workplace, and we’ll help you create a cost-effective plan. 


Hypercharge can help you increase employee retention with EV Charging for your Workplace.