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How to Get EV Charging in 5 Steps

October 6, 2022
how to get ev charging

Launching an electric vehicle charging operation is a multistage project, whether you’re installing a single EV charger or equipping an entire fleet. When you partner with Hypercharge, we ensure the process is clear, manageable, and simple from start to finish and beyond. Here’s how to get EV Charging on your property—from the initial assessment to support applying for rebates to collecting your first revenue.


1. Determine Your EV Charging Needs

The first priority in any EV charging operation is determining your charging needs. We like to begin with a kickoff meeting to discuss questions that will help establish the project’s objectives, scale, and budget. These may include:

  • Who will be using the chargers? Will they be available for public use, for example? Is it a complimentary service or will there be a fee for charging?
  • What level of charging will users require? Will it be one of our reliable Level 2 chargers, which replenishes battery power over a few hours, or a powerful Level 3 charger, which can fully recharge a battery in less than one hour?
  • Where do you hope to install your charging stations?
  • How many chargers do you think you’ll need, now and in the future?
  • Which ownership model is right for you? We offer multiple options, including the direct purchase of EV charging equipment, leasing of our charging stations, and Charging as a Service.

We’ll make recommendations based on your answers, conduct an initial site visit, and work closely with you to create a working plan.


2. Investigate EV Charging Infrastructure

An electrical contractor will be responsible for the underlying infrastructure needed to power your charging stations. Hypercharge can recommend contractors to you or engage a contractor and coordinate the work on your behalf.

First, the contractor will assess the location and answer key questions about the site. For example, you’ll learn whether the present electrical capacity will be adequate for your charging stations or require an upgrade. Based on the contractor’s assessment and advice, we may decide together to make adjustments to the working plan, such as changing the location of the charging site or the type or number of chargers.

Your dedicated Hypercharge account manager will collaborate with you and the electrical contractor to guarantee the infrastructure will support the chargers that are installed. Where possible, we may advise that you oversize the infrastructure so that more stations may be added in the future without electrical upgrades, which can be costly. Based on the final location of the chargers, we’ll also advise on the best way to mount them and other design considerations, such as custom wrapping of the stations, signage, and lighting to ensure proper visibility. Once the plans are firmed up, the contractor will provide an estimate of costs and secure any necessary permits.


3. Apply for EV Charging Rebates

Now it’s time to apply for government and utility-funded incentives that will reduce the cost of your upfront investment in charging equipment and infrastructure. These vary between municipalities, provinces, and states, and may include rebates, tax credits, or grants. Hypercharge can help you navigate the options, accounting for the approval wait time within project schedules. Wait times may be as short as a couple of weeks to several months or longer, depending on the program.


4. Installing EV Chargers

When the installation of the infrastructure and then chargers is underway, Hypercharge will keep you informed of progress with regular reporting, promptly answering any questions you may have.

Next, the installed charging stations will undergo a process called “commissioning,” which readies them for use. The electrical contractor connects chargers to the public grid and Hypercharge’s operating network, ensuring that they are functioning properly and safely. Hypercharge will confirm you have strong network connectivity, customize your energy management settings, and apply any firmware updates. We’ll add each station to the Hypercharge Cloud Platform and program them according to your policies, such as who may access the chargers and the price for charging, and you can always change these setting as needed.


5. Ready for Takeoff

Once everything is in place, it’s ready to activate your Hypercharge EV charging stations and get your first charges in progress.

Our partnership doesn’t end once your chargers are up and running however! All Hypercharge stations come with either a basic or comprehensive warranty, and your account manager will make sure any maintenance or repair work is conducted in an efficient and timely manner. Our preventative maintenance schedule heads off problems with regularly scheduled checkups.

At Hypercharge, you can expect attention to detail, clear communication, and comprehensive support throughout every phase of your project and beyond. Contact us today and take the first step towards realizing your goals for EV charging.


Hypercharge is your end-to-end partner for EV charging solutions.