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What to Look for in an EV Charging Company

June 24, 2022

When selecting an electric vehicle charging partner, EV charging stations are always top of mind. Naturally, you want a partner who can deliver reliable chargers that meet the needs of both your business and electric vehicle drivers.

To get the most out of your investment, however, you need much more. A successful, future-proofed operation requires a flexible charging network, comprehensive support, and a variety of opportunities to increase revenue. Here we explain these not-to-be-overlooked essentials for your EV charging partner.

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An Open Network

An EV charging network is comprised of charging stations and the software that manages them, as well as a communications protocol that connects these components to each other and the electrical grid. A “closed network” is run by a proprietary service provider that supplies the hardware, software, and related support services. This may sound convenient, but there’s a catch: because the entire system is proprietary, you are locked in to using the same provider for the life of the charger.

Using what’s known as the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), an “open network” can run on any type of hardware that’s OCPP compliant. Hypercharge’s open network allows you to choose the components that are best for your needs and avoids vendor lock-in. In addition to an open network, Hypercharge offers industry-leading, OCPP-compliant hardware and software, creating the foundation for an optimized, flexible, and expandable charging site design.


Comprehensive Support

The installation of infrastructure and charging stations requires not only careful planning and execution but attentive support for operators and site managers throughout every stage of the process. Hypercharge assigns a dedicated managers to every charging site and our team will work closely with you on site selection, design and planning, installation, configuration, and final setup. Where possible, we will ensure the underlying infrastructure has the capacity to expand charging capabilities, averting costly upgrades in the future.

Once your Hypercharge EV charging stations are ready to go live, operators receive thorough training in hardware and software usage and management. Should problems arise, real-time technical support from customer service representatives is available to both operators and EV drivers 24/7.

Hypercharge employs preventative maintenance to keep your stations functionally optimally, including site visits and remote station monitoring. Timely repair service is made possible by having feet on the ground locally and a well-stocked inventory of spare parts. With an ample supply of stations, Hypercharge can also quickly replace a station that is under warranty.


Customized Branding and Marketing

The ability to customize the branding and marketing aspects of your charging operation maximizes its revenue-earning potential. For example, station owners can custom wrap Hypercharge’s JuiceBar and Level 3 DC Fast Charging solutions with brand-boosting designs.

Hypercharge’s mobile app can also be deployed for promotional purposes, pushing targeted messages to EV drivers using the app to locate charging stations, initiate charging, submit payment, or check charging status. Because the app software uses an “open API”—a type of programming interface—it can be integrated into existing apps. This integration allows businesses connected to the stations to link charging activities with loyalty/rewards programs, special offers, and other customer enticements. Hypercharge’s product team is always at the ready to add customized features to the station platform and mobile app.


Alternative Ownership Models

Hypercharge offers a range of flexible ownership options including Direct Purchase (with management included), Lease (reducing upfront costs), or Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) – a minimal investment option which operates on a subscription basis.

Costs associated with installing EV charging infrastructure and stations can be offset by rebates, grants, and tax credits. Hypercharge can guide you through available incentives in your region to take the bite out of upfront expenditures – contact us to learn more.


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