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Gas Stations

Upgrade your gas station with EV charging to attract new customers, boost revenue, and lead your business in fuelling the future.

Fuelling the Future

As the demand for electric vehicles surges, equipping your gas station with EV charging capabilities can transform it into a dual-fuel destination, attracting a broader range of customers.

Provide the convenience of rapid charging for drivers on the go, enhancing their experience, increasing the time they spend at your station, and showcasing your dedication to modern infrastructure and cutting-edge services.

With Hypercharge’s extensive selection of chargers, you can also opt for advanced features like remote monitoring and contactless payment to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Expanded Customer Base

Attract EV drivers and convert them into loyal customers, diversifying your clientele and increasing traffic at your gas station.

Boost Revenue Opportunities

Leverage EV charging as a new revenue stream, either through direct charging fees or by drawing in customers who may purchase additional products and services while they wait.

Lead in Innovation

Position your gas station as a forward-thinking establishment ready to meet the needs of the future by offering essential services for the growing number of electric vehicle owners.

Featured Charging Solutions for Gas Stations

XCHARGE Net Zero Series

Flexible. Innovative. Efficient. The XCHARGE Net Zero Series seamlessly integrates into most locations with ease.

  • Up to 194kW output
  • Integrated Battery System
  • Flexible Redeployment Options

Autel MaxiCharger DC

High Performing. Stylish. Versatile. Autel's MaxiCharger DC lineup delivers cutting-edge charging tailored for businesses and urban spaces.

  • Up to 640kW output
  • Advanced Technology and Design
  • Flexible Model Lineup

Eevion™ Integrated Charging

Eevion™ is a middleware platform that integrates the Hypercharge EV Charging Network into any app, platform, or system.

  • Simplified User Experience
  • New Value & Increase Revenue
  • Streamlined Reconciliation & Analytics

Project Design & Installation

Navigate the road to EV charging success with Hypercharge's comprehensive Project Design & Installation services, tailored to bring your vision to life while ensuring operational excellence.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How do I decide between different EV charger configurations for my gas station?

    The choice between pull-in and pull-through configurations depends on your station’s layout, customer flow, and available space.

    Pull-in configurations are suitable for locations with limited space, while pull-through setups are ideal for larger stations with high traffic.

    Hypercharge can provide a detailed assessment and recommendations to help you choose the best setup for maximizing convenience and efficiency at your gas station.

    How quickly can DC fast chargers recharge a vehicle?

    While this varies greatly, DC fast chargers can recharge a vehicle as fast as 15 minutes, depending on the vehicle’s battery size and the charger’s power level. This makes them ideal for drivers looking for a quick stop to top up their battery and shop at your convenience store. 

    Can adding EV chargers increase my gas station's revenue?

    Yes, installing EV chargers can attract a new segment of customers who may also purchase other products and services while they wait, thereby increasing your overall revenue. EV drivers often spend time at convenience stores, cafes, and other on-site amenities while their vehicles charge, providing additional sales opportunities. Offering EV charging can also enhance your station’s reputation as a forward-thinking and customer-focused business.

    What maintenance is required for DC fast chargers?

    DC fast chargers require regular maintenance to ensure they remain operational and efficient. Hypercharge offers preventative maintenance plans that include priority remote monitoring to detect issues early, diagnostic support to troubleshoot problems, and on-site services to address any physical maintenance needs.

    Can EV charging integrate with my existing systems?

    Absolutely.Hypercharge’s Eevion™ integrated charging software enables seamless integration with your existing payment systems, loyalty programs, and digital advertising platforms. For gas stations, this means you can offer existing payment options, integrate charging sessions with customer loyalty rewards, and display targeted digital ads to customers while they charge. 

    EV Charging for Gas Stations

    Discover how Hypercharge EV Charging can bring in new customers, boost revenue, and lead your business in fuelling the future.