Electrical Contractors
earn more with EV Charging.

As the first point of contact for any electrical question or challenge, you are among the most highly regarded advisors to property owners and managers.

Grow your business and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by offering both existing and new customers value added EV charging solutions from Hypercharge.

Electrical Contractor Preferred Partner Advantages.

Revenue Generation.

When you open your business to an entirely new service, you’ll discover just how profitable Hypercharge EV Charging is for both you and your customers.

Eco Conscious. 

The future of transportation is electric. Join the transition to a cleaner future by positioning your brand right at the forefront.

Make it Easy.
Make it Work.

Hypercharge provides Preferred Partners with a range of tools and resources so you’re ready to deliver high quality work.

Electrical Contractor Preferred Partner Commitments.


Warm Sales Leads

You know your customers best, you’ve built the trust, and now it’s time to show the true value of Hypercharge EV Charging to your customers.


Professional Installation Services

Install Hypercharge EV Charging Solutions to our highest standards, ensuring customer charging success for years to come.


Operation and Maintenance

Supporting your customers after installation by ensuring their Hypercharge EV Charging Stations are operating optimally, maximizing uptime and revenue.


Knowledge and Resources

Equipped with the all the latest know-how, you’ll advise your customers on their questions and provide them with insight into the latest rebates & incentives.

Electrify your Electrical Contracting business by joining the Hypercharge Preferred Partner program today.