Parking Management
Preferred Partners thrive with our innovative EV Charging solutions.

As a leading company in managing parking facilities, your role is essential for property owners and managers.

By incorporating Hypercharge’s value-added EV charging solutions, you can diversify your services and tap into the fast-growing market of electric vehicles for both existing and prospective clients.

Parking Management Preferred Partner EV Advantages.

Parking Management Preferred Partner Commitments.


Warm Sales Leads

You know your customers best, you’ve built the trust, and now it’s time to show the true value of Hypercharge EV Charging to your customers.


Preliminary Requirements

Collaborate with your client to establish fundamental goals for EV Charging and convey these specifications to Hypercharge.


Organize Site Access

Collaborate with site owners to coordinate access to electrical rooms, parking areas, etc. If you do not have your own installers, we might assume responsibility for the installation process in partnership with our trusted collaborators.


Versatile Deal Options

Offering the flexibility to buy, lease, or engage in revenue sharing adds an extra advantage when presenting diverse options to your clients.

Electrify your Parking Management business by joining the Hypercharge Preferred Partner program today.