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Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite

Dynamic. Durable. Intelligent. The Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite enhances EV charging for Business or Apartment & Condo use.

Up to 12kW output at 50 amps

Providing up to 12 kW of power at 50 amps, the Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite is an ideal choice for businesses and multi-unit residences requiring a dependable and efficient charging solution. Its robust power output ensures swift vehicle charging, allowing employees, residents, and visitors to enjoy fast and reliable charging services throughout the day.

Built-in Connector Dock

Featuring a built-in connector dock, the Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite offers seamless and convenient storage for the charging cable. This integrated solution keeps the charging area tidy and organized, reducing clutter and potential hazards. It also protects the equipment from environmental damage and wear by securely housing the connector when not in use.

5″ HD Touchscreen

Equipped with a 5″ HD touchscreen, the Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite provides a modern and intuitive interface for drivers. This high-definition display enhances user interaction, allowing for easy access to essential information such as charging status, energy consumption, and session duration.

Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite Spec Sheet

Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite Ownership Options

Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite Features

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5” High Definition Touchscreen

LED Indicators

Connector Dock

SAE J1772 Connector

RFID Reader

25ft Charging Cable

NEMA 4 Rated Enclosure

Maximum Output
12 kW

Up to 50 A

208-240 V

Number of Ports

Connector Type
SAE J1772

Charging Cable Length

4G, Wi-Fi, LAN

Enclosure Rating

13.23″ x 7.36″ x 3.35”

Smart Charging

Communicates data in real-time with the back-end management system. The platform allows station owners to get key insights into information such as how long drivers are staying at a location, when the peak usage times are, usage data to support GHG savings calculations, and charging station operational data.

Robust Enclosure

Made from durable metal and NEMA 4 rated, the enclosure offers protection from vandalism and resistance to anything the great outdoors throws its way.

Mounting Options

Either mounted on a wall or pedestal. Each unit has an integrated connector dock, which reduces tripping hazards, and creates a cleaner visual.


All major components are field swappable, which allows Hypercharge to support the hardware long-term without having to replace the charging station.


The Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite comes with a standard 3-year warranty inclusive of parts and OEM defects included in the cost of the charging station.

Autel MaxiCharger AC Ultra

Definitive. Powerful. Visible.